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Joyfolie began as many companies do with the simplest of intentions which is to say it did not begin as a company at all. At the time I was an adjunct English professor when to pass the time on a road trip I handmade a pair of booties for my then infant daughter. It was such fun that I made several and under the prompting of a friend posted them on Etsy. Those first few pairs were made from scraps of fabric bits of lace and reclaimed trim from around the house. I am so humbled by those earliest pairs of shoes because I didnt have the faintest idea how to sew nor the slightest sense of business acumen. Regardless my very first wholesale order was from a celebrity and in a matter of weeks I had inquiries from distributorships. With a penchant for the creative and not so much the methodical my aspiration for manufacturing began nearly from inception fueled by large order inquiries in just a handful of weeks.