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Copyrights and Permits

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Allthemags provides discounts and coupons for various brands. These brands have an affiliation with Allthemags and we provide their coupons and discounts to our users.

Use of this website

Users are permitted to use this website for coupons and discounts offered by Allthemags Users may not use any content from this website for commercial purposes.

Data security

Allthemags take data security very seriously. We take all necessary measures to our user's personal information.

Customer services

We provide customer services for any issues and concerns related to our website or the coupons and discounts on our websites.

Limitation of our services

We are not responsible for the termination of any coupons and discounts because the brands directly provide them we deal with. Allthemags reserve the right tO modify or terminate services at any time.
we are not responsible for any loss or damages caused by the termination of our services.


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